🔎Unseen scope of a Software Architect’s job: Managing Politics within Enterprise.

Reeshabh Choudhary
2 min readNov 30, 2023

👷‍♂️ Software Architect Series — Part 1.

Say, a Software Architect is responsible for managing a large CRM application. The database of the application is currently being accessed by other applications and hence the architect is having a hard time to enforce strict control access policy, securing customer data from leaking vulnerabilities and making schema changes as other applications are access the database.
Architect takes a decision to create application silos, so that the database specific to an application will only be accessed by that application only. This approach will definitely result in better control over customer data and security policies.

However, every architectural decision comes with their trade-offs. The applications which were earlier access the CRM database directly, will not have to go through a route of RESR, RPC, etc. calls to access CRM data. Now, this comes as an added effort as well as added cost.
The decision to implement this solution is most likely to be challenged by other application owners and business stakeholders. It may also be challenged by software developers, suggesting alternate solutions.

👉 A Software Architect has to fight for almost every decision made and justify it across the stakeholders, and it takes more than programming knowledge to excel at this demanding and sometimes frustrating job. Leadership and navigational skills of an individual are tested on broader level. Hence, a mere crash course to crack interviews will not be most likely helpful to retain this position for long term. A candidate aspiring to be a Software Architect will have to earn the coveted role through patience and experience and then only can sustain for foreseeable future, as scope of a Software Architect’s job grows multifold. More on the scope later.

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